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SUMPRO Model 75 Sump Pump Battery Backup System (Batteries Included)

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Quick Overview

1800 watt continuous, 3600 watt Surge
- Built-in 40amp, Proportional/Threshold Controlled Charger

- Built-in 25amp Transfer Relay

- Includes (2) 12vDC-120aH Power+ Batteries

*** This purchase includes (2) 120aH Sealed AGM Batteries ***


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SumPro Model 75 Sump Pump Backup System

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SUMPRO - Sump Pump Backup System - Model 75

1800-Watt Battery Backup System for your Existing Sump pump
2.88 kWh (Killowatt Hour) Battery Capacity

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  SUMPRO DATA SHEET        SUMPRO USER MANUAL         SPARE BATTERY BANK WIRING

What’s Included
Includes everything you will need to instantly provide backup power out of the box.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***** PLEASE NOTE: (2) Power Plus - 120aH Batteries are included FREE with purchase of this unit *****
An extended battery bank kit  is available and can be purchased as an option
An additional battery bank will double the estimated operational run time


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Sumpro Model 75 Overview
The Sumpro Model 75 is an emergency power system that can supply up to 1800 watts of household electricity – enough to run almost any electronic product or appliance you might connect to your wall outlet. The Sumpro Model 75 stores household electricity in an internal battery bank and provides instantaneous power to your critical electrical appliances when utility power fails. The Sumpro is a clean quiet, smart, alternative to a generator, produces no emissions and is safe to operate indoors.

How it Works

Simply plug your electrical appliance into the Sumpro and plug the Sumpro into a standard wall outlet. Once appliances are connected to the Sumpro, the Sumpro will continue to use your utility power until a power failure is detected. Once a power failure is detected, the Sumpro will instantaneously begin to supply standard household electricity to any connected appliances. Once utility power is restored, the Sumpro will automatically switch your appliance back to utility power and immediately begin to recharge it’s internal batteries in anticipation of the next power failure.
System Features

- Delivers up to 1800 watts of 120vAC electrical power
- Delivers up to 3600 watts of surge capacity
- Automatic Transfer to/from backup power
- Automatic Charger and Battery Monitoring System
- 9' Cord Length, with Grounded Connector
- Expandable battery capacity for extended run times *
- No emissions, no exhaust, no moving parts, silent operation

SUMPRO Model 75 - Documentation

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  SUMPRO DATA SHEET        SUMPRO USER MANUAL         SPARE BATTERY BANK WIRING
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUMP SUMP RUNTIME EXAMPLES            OPERATIONAL RUNTIME EXAMPLES
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Model Name Sumpro Model 75
SKU 872-1800
UPC Code No
Battery Types Supported Sealed Lead Acid, Absorbed Glass Matt (SLA AGM)
Battery Included? Yes
Number of Batteries Included 2
Internal Battery Voltage 12vDC
Total Battery Capacity Included 240 (ah) ampere hours, 120 ah per battery
Can the Battery Capacity Be Expanded? Yes
Total Number of Batteries You Can Add 2
Total Maxiumum Battery Capacity 480 (ah) ampere-hours
Battery Box Dimensions 12"h x 16.5"w x 14 5/8"d
Weight (without batteries) 95 lbs
Weight (with batteries) 245 lb
Assembly Requirement Minor Assembly Required
Installation Requirement No Installation Required
Pump Classification No
Number of Pumps Included No
Type of Switch No
Number of Switches No
Switch Turns on at No
Switch Cuts Off At No
Motor Housing Material No
Motor Cover Material No
Impeller Material No
Volute Material No
Seal Material No
Shaft Material No
Discharge Size No
Sump Pump Current Rating No
Sump Pit Suggested Size No
Maximum Head Height No
GPH @ 0' Discharge Head No
GPH @ 10' Discharge Head No
Max Output Power Rating (Continuous) No
Max Output Power Rating (Surge) No
Output Voltage No
Output Frequency No
Overload Protection No
Operating Temperature No
Max Output Power Rating (Continuous) 1560 watts (13 amps)
Max Output Power Rating (Surge) 6000 watts (50 amps)
Power Unit Output Voltage 120 volts
Output Frequency 60Hz +/-Hz
Transfer Switch Rating 15 amps/12 Milliseconds
AC Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave
Inverter no-load current <.35 amps (battery drain with no load on inverter)
AC Recharge Time Up to 15 Hrs Maximum (Depends on battery depth of discharge)
DC Recharge Time No DC Charging Available
Surge Suppression Built-In
Overload Protection Built-in; 15 amp circuit breaker protection
Regulatory Approvals UL Listed - Metropolitan Industries - Model 75
Warranty 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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