Sumpro Sump Pump Battery Backup System - Sumpro Fuse Block

Sumpro Sump Pump Battery Backup System - Sumpro Fuse Block

StormPro - Discharge Pipe Mounting Bracket for Ion Switch - p/n - IN-SPB1-1

StormPro - Discharge Pipe Mounting Bracket for Ion Switch - p/n - IN-SPB1

ION Sumpro Gold 100 Backup Sump Pump Kit (Batteries Not Included)

- One 3/4 HP Sump Pump - 120vAC - 5040 GPH(84 GPM)@10' Head
- One Sumpro Model 75 - Sump Pump Battery Backup System
- One Ion Genesis - Solid State Sump Pump Controller
- Batteries Not Included

- 14500 Gallons
- Total Pumping Capacity operating on Battery Backup
- 18 Hour Run Time
- When operating at 10% continuous operation

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SUMPRO - Sump Pump Backup System - GOLD
1800-Watt Battery Backup System with Included 3/4 HP Pump
2.88 kWh (Killowatt Hour) Battery Capacity

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Sumpro Gold Overview
The Sumpro Gold is a Flood Control System complete with a heavy duty 3/4 HP Sump Pump, battery back-up power solution and pump switch failure protection. The Sump Pump can be installed as a replacement to your existing sump pump or can be installed solely as a backup system to protect against primary pump failure. The included PumpGuard will override the main sump pump switch and sound an alarm in the event of a pump switch failure, thus eliminating the threat of flooding due to a bad pump switch . Additionally, the unit has a built-in high water alarm, which is capable of connecting to your home security system or optional dialer.

The included Sumpro Model 75 back-up powerpack is powerful enough to provide back-up power to the included sump pump as a primary or secondary pump for up to 18 hours.* The back-up powerpack stores household electricity in an internal battery and provides instantaneous power to the sump pump when utility power fails. The Sumpro back-up powerpack is a clean, quiet, smart alternative to a generator, produces no emissions and is safe to operate indoors
*Operating hours calculated based on a typical average cycling rate of 10%. Actual run times will vary based on actual cycling rates for the installed environment, thus actual run-times may be higher or lower depending on the actual rate at which the pump cycles on and off.

How it Works
After installing and configuring the Sumpro Sump Pump as your primary or secondary pump, simply plug the sump pump into the Sumpro PowerPack and plug the powerpack into a standard wall outlet. Once your sump pump is connected to the powerpack , the powerpack will continue to use your utility power until a power failure is detected. Once a power failure is detected, the powerpack will instantaneously begin to supply standard household electricity to the connected sump pump. Once utility power is restored, the powerpack will automatically switch the sump pump to utility power and immediately begin to recharge the integrated battery in anticipation of the next power failure.


System Features

• 3/4 HP, 900w(7.5 amps) 115vAC Heavy Duty Sump Pump
• High Efficiency, low wattage, delivers up to 5000 GPH@10 FT.
• 9' Cord Length on Power Unit & Ion Genesis, 20' Cord Length on pump and Ion Switch, grounded
• Operates on AC or DC power
• Installs as primary or secondary sump pump
• Automatic Transfer to/from back-up power
• Automatic Charger and Battery Monitoring System
• UL Listed - Metropolitan Industries - Models 75, APS33, AMP03, AMP03-2
• No emissions, no exhaust, no moving parts, silent operation

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***** PLEASE NOTE:  (2) 12vDC Batteries are REQUIRED to operate this system.  Unit will not operate without batteries  *****
An extended battery bank kit  is available and can be purchased as an option
An additional battery bank will double the estimated operational run time

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