Lithium Car Chargers


Jump Start your in emergency situations when your car  battery is voltage is low or when its too cold outside.  Each unit doubles as a power bank to charge your cellphon, tablet or PDA.

Reverse Connect Protection
The charger or car battery will not be damaged if terminal connections are connected incorrectly or backwards, (red clamp to negative pole, black clamp to positive pole)

Short-Circuit Protection
If jump starter is short circuited, the charger will not be damaged.   For example, if the battery terminals touch each other, the unit will produce a warning signals.

Reverse Charge Protection
When the battery charger successfully starts the car, the car battery will produce a charge current from the car battery to the jump starter.   The charge current from the car battery will be too much for the jump starter to handle and it would otherwise cause damage to the jump starter.  Each unit has a built in reverse charge protection and will detect reverse charge when it occurs and protect against damage to the jump starter.  Unlike other chargers, there is no need to remove the charger immediately
after the car is started.

Over-Discharge Protection
The most common cause of damage to lithium batteries is over-discharge. Once your lithium battery is over-discharged, it will bulge, and in some cased can catch fire.   Each car charger will shut off when voltage drops to 9V therefore not over-discharge.

* Not available on model S2401

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